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Once again I couldn't be more happier than I am right now, I now own 5 of the series from this show and each of them are just perfect beyond believe the picture quality is just outstanding as well as the sound. I have been waiting years to see episodes that I can no longer remember or have forgotten about completely and this series is just one of them not only did I watch each episode but I have enjoyed each and every minute of it. If you haven't yet bought these yet trust me you won't be disappointed I have been searching high and low for this show and now thanks to this site I have it back. But now I'm looking forward to 2015 for the next one, Series 6 with only one episode I have seen from this series which had aired on CITV Old Skool weekend special I don't remember any other episode what so ever so hopefully sooner or later I will finally get Series 6 of Woof! Thanks again UKRarities you are the Best!

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