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As I said in the previous reviews I use to own three video cassettes of Woof! the first was the movie version of series 1 and the other 2 were of course series 3 so just like with series 2 I have never seen nor could I remember any of the episodes from this series, so as soon as it came up I immediately bought it and boy I have never been more happy to have it, as soon as I put it on I just could not believe the amazing picture quality and sound It’s like it had just aired for the very first time and each episode was the same way. I do own the book that these episodes were based on but to see it on the screen is a whole different experience. I truly am grateful to UKRarities to not only bringing the series back to our screens but to also bring it back in such a perfect picture. The one series I am absolutely look forward to the most is Series 6, out of all the episodes I cannot remember any of them nor can I remember ever seeing them at all except the first episode that re aired on the CITV Old School special, I look forward to the day that one will eventually come out but until then there is still another series to come and that’s Series 5 thanks again UKRarities!

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