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This one took awhile to arrive but it was worth it, just like with the first two this DVD is unbelievably perfect. Just like with series 1 I also use to own this series on two separate vhs tapes, I'm not sure if I still have the old tapes anymore but I think the DVD's are a lot better because unlike the VHS tapes I can choose which episode to watch from start to finish. I've never been more happy to have this show back in my life I am so much looking forward to the next series because after series 3 I haven't seen any other episodes nor can I remember any episodes after that which is why I'm looking forward to series 4 and onward, so from the bottom of my heart thank you ukrarities for bringing this show to DVD and please bring the rest of it real soon I strongly suggest to anyone who visits this site if your looking for a show like this, this is the site for you.

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