UK Comedy - - Doctor At The Top - The Complete Series
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This excellent product is recommended to fans of the Doctor series. It's beautifully put together and the quality is as good as can be reasonably expected. It will complete your collection nicely. The series itself is a little disappointing, however. It's very strange to see our formerly irresponsible, womanizing, hard-drinking young doctors now middle aged, respectable and inhabiting a strait-jacketed PC world. And the self styled ogre of St Swithins, Sir Geoffrey Loftus, is now an old man in mourning for his deceased wife. But once you've got used to all that, and begun to warm to the new situation, it's all over! It's a marvellous product, but one for completists only. You know who you are.......

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Made by the B.B.C., 'Doctor At The Top' effectively rounded off the long running series inspired by Richard Gordon's books. George Layton returned as 'Dr.Paul Collier' ( he wrote half the series, Bill Oddie penned the rest ), a role he last played in 'Doctor In Charge' in 1973. Geoffrey Davies' 'Dick Stuart-Clark' became more of a 'Loftus' figure, with Robin Nedwell's 'Dr.Duncan Waring' as a devoted family man. Being the '90's, there was none of the boozing and girl chasing that characterised the original. Once one got used to the fact that the characters had aged, there was much fun to be had from the show.

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