WHY NOT STAY FOR BREAKFAST? - Gemma Craven [2DVD] 1979

ROSIE - aka Bedtime With Rosie [1975]:

Rosie (UNA STUBBS) is a pretty, confused and pregnant young woman. She is planning a new life for herself in Holland.
En route from Liverpool she presents herself unannounced on the doorstep of her Aunt's London home in search of a bed for the night.
The buxom Aunt (DIANA DORS) is delighted to see her but is dubious about the reaction to Rosie's overnight stay from the lodger Harry (IVOR BURGOYNE), a forty year old batchelor of high moral principles. As expected Harry is hostile to the idea of sharing his room with Rosie but during the course of their bedtime chatting a relationship begins to develop. Will it be enough, however, for Rosie to reconsider her future?

Extremly rare movie unseen since the 1970s!              


Una Stubbs ... Rosie
Ivor Burgoyne ... Harry
Diana Dors ... Aunt Annie
Johnny Briggs ... Man in Cafe
Margaret Lewis
Ned Lynch
Tony Doonan
Nicky Henson



George (GEORGE CHAKIRIS), a fussy, fortyish civil servant batchelor, leads a solitary existence in New York with his two main loves in life - pot plants and thirties music. He also has a gentle tolerance for his sister (YVONNE WILDER), a professional hypochondriac who wallows in equal amounts of chocolates and self-pity. George's well ordered life is abruptly shattered one evening by a knock on the door. Louise (GEMMA CRAVEN) is extremely, imminently pregnant, English and has just left her boyfriend Davey. She announces that she has only dropped in to borrow five dollars from the amazed George. She refuses his frantic appeals to get her into hospital and, as his painstakingly prepared Suki Yaki burns in the kitchen, gives birth to a baby boy. Having nowhere else to go and despite Davey's efforts to get her to return, she stays with George, who immediately takes to fatherhood. His efforts to court Louise meet head on with her less than subtle attempts to get him into bed. These attempts to woo him and his obstinate refusal to be wooed make this a film with more than it's share of hilarity.

Adapted from the Ray Cooney farce of the same name.             


George Chakiris ... George Clark
Gemma Craven ... Louise Hamilton
Yvonne Wilder ... Helen
Ray Charleson ... Davey
David Bext ... Boy
Carinthia West ... Girl
Victor Gallucci ... Neighbour
Baby Dale ... Baby

Time:  166 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  DD2.0 /5.1 Mono / English
Picture:  1.33:1 / Colour
Number of Discs:  2
Classification:  PG
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