SPYMAKER - The Secret Life of Ian Fleming - Jason Connery (1990)

SPYMAKER - The Secret Life of Ian Fleming:

Torrid love affairs, Elegant and erotic women. Spine-tingling espionage. Exotic locales, Diabolical villains. The man who created James Bond, Ian Fleming
(Jason Connery, the son of Sean Connery), actually lived the most exciting spy thriller of all.

His adventures span the world-from Russia (with love and betrayal) to a top-secret Nazi fortress, where he defeats the enemy on His Majesty's Secret Service.
Born into an aristocratic English Family, his sexual exploits and talent for danger and intrigue destine him for the life of a hero and a spy.

He single-handedly outwits Soviet intelligence, foils an S.S. monster at a glamourous casino, steals the secrets of the German high command and storms an enemy
stronghold against impossible odds. Evil adversaries are no match for his strength and cunning. The fastest cars, The most desirable women. The most hazardous
missions. A sizzling, action-packed adventure of the life of the man who created James Bond - Fleming. Ian Fleming.

Bond is back . . . in the untold story of the original agent 007.


Jason Connery ... Ian Fleming
Kristin Scott Thomas ... Leda St Gabriel
Joss Ackland ... Gen. Gerhard Hellstein
Patricia Hodge ... Lady Evelyn
David Warner ... Adm. Godfrey
Colin Welland ... Reuters editor
Fiona Fullerton ... Lady Caroline
Richard Johnson ... Gen. Halmsden
Marsha Fitzalan ... Miss Delaney
Arkie Whiteley ... Gallina
Tara MacGowran ... Daphne
Ingrid Held ... Countess De Turbinville
Geoffrey Chater ... Lawyer
Edita Brychta ... Maya
Christopher Benjamin ... McKinnon
Nina Marc ... Anna Skolowmoska
Cathy Underwood ... Christie
Clive Mantle ... Marine Sgt. Ellis
Victor Daring ... Judge Ulrich
Julia Verdin ... Colette
Robert Longden ... Prof. Whitman
Bill Wallis ... Prof. Phipps
Sarah Harper ... Mlle. Carole
Nicholas Frankau ... Arthur
David Quilter ... Chute
Richard Clifford ... Roberts
Roger Davidson ... Editor
Raymond Llewellyn ... Hodge
Kate Humble ... The redhead
Sylvia Rotter ... Teletype operator
Harriet Reynolds ... Teletype operator
Arturo Venegas ... Lisbon barman
Pamela Hunter ... Whore
Isabel Dinning ... Whore
Hugo Bower ... SS major
Horst Jantschek ... German guard
Leo Fenn ... Young Ian

Time:  93 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  Mono / English
Picture:  1.33:1 / Colour
Number of Discs:  1
Classification:  PG
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