ARCHER\'S GOON - Complete Series (1992) DVD

DVD - contains all 6 episodes Digitally Remastered directly from the original studio mastertapes, this has to be seen to be believed!

Thirteen-year-old Howard Sykes lives in an English town with his parents, Quentin,
an author and professor, and Catriona, a music teacher; his sister Anthea, always
called "Awful" because of her constant screaming; and Fifi, the family's au pair.

Their life is interrupted one afternoon when an unnamed huge person, "somebody's
Goon" as Fifi describes him, comes into their home and announces that he has come
to collect the two thousand words that Quentin owes somebody called Archer.
It transpires that thirteen years ago, Quentin was suffering dreadfully from writer's
block and hadn't been able to write anything for nearly a year after his last book was
published, and so Mountjoy, a town official, came up with the idea that Quentin should
undertake to write two thousand words of nonsense quarterly and deliver them to him
at the town hall. In return, Quentin was promised an exemption from city taxes.


Roger Lloyd Pack - Quentin Sykes
Susan Jameson - Catriona Sykes
Morgan Jones - Goon
Jamie de Courcey - Howard Sykes
Jake Wood - Ginger
Annette Badland - Shine
Victoria Worsley - Fifi
Angela Forry - Awful
Michelle Newell - Dillian
Clive Merrison - Hathaway
Thomas Lockyer - Archer
Andrew Normington - Torquil

Director: Marilyn Fox

Cult children’s fantasy drama series adapted from the Diana Wynne Jones novel,
unseen since it’s original screening in 1992.

Time: 163 mins approx
Region: 2, 4, / PAL
Subtitles: None
Sound: Stereo
Picture: 1.33:1 / Colour
Number of Discs: 1
Classification: PG