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Me And My Girl - Series 1
DVD - contains all 6 episodes, IN STOCK

A long-running hit vehicle for Richard O'Sullivan, in which he portrayed a widower, Simon Harrap, facing the triple challenge of raising his bubbly adolescent daughter, Samantha, winning business for his advertising agency, Eyecatchers, and exercising his libido by way of a succession of romantic dalliances. The first and third of these formed the nub of the series: how could Simon, as a caring and protective parent, expect his daughter to exercise caution and restraint with the opposite sex when he was so clearly interested in gallivanting?

Simon's long-time business partner and brother-in-law, Derek - himself a husband and father but, towards the end, footloose and free with his fancies - was involved in all aspects of Simon's life, and problems were further created, as much as they were solved, by Nell, the indomitable mother of Simon's late wife, Ruth, who - together with secretary Liz - also worked at Eyecatchers. On hand as salve were housekeepers Maddie (she left to get married at the end of the second series) and (from series 3) Isobel, an amiable if accident-prone Scots woman who became a confidante to Samantha.


Richard O'Sullivan, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Joan Sanderson