TIME FLIES - Tommy Handley, Evelyn Dall (1944) 2xMovies has been added to your Cart
HAMMERSMITH IS OUT - Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor [1972] DVD

He wants power and riches and doesn't care how he gets them. He would kill his…

GO TO BLAZES - Robert Morley, Maggie Smith [1962]

GO TO BLAZES: Three enterprising crooks plot the perfect robbery by pretending to be firefighters, complete with fire engine!
Classic comedy…

GIRLS COME FIRST - Bill Kerr, Burt Kwouk, Hazel O'Connor (1975)

LADY CHATTERLY vs FANNY HILL aka Games That Lovers Play: Two of London's most successful Madames compete for the prize…

GIRL WITH A PISTOL (2DVD) - Monica Vitti, Tony Booth, Stanley Ba

GIRL WITH A PISTOL /  La ragazza con la pistola (1968): A Sicilian woman, "dishonored" by her lover, goes to England…

GIRL STROKE BOY - Michael Hordern Patricia Routledge [1973] DVD

GIRL STROKE BOY: The straightlaced parents of a young boy who has, until now, shown no interest in the opposite sex,…

EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE - Marty Feldman [1970]

EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE: Marty Feldman is Teddy Brown, a naïve advertising executive with a novel idea to heat…

ESCAPE TO ENTEBBE - John Bluthal [DVD] 1976

NO SECRETS! aka A Touch of the Sun [1979]: An American space capsule has crashed into an African dictatorship, whose…

DUTCH GIRLS - Colin Firth, Timothy Spall [1985] DVD

DUTCH GIRLS: Girls. Dutch girls. Lots and lots and lots of Dutch girls. Off to Amsterdam go England's finest young men.…

Dry Rot - Sid James, Joan Sims (1956) 2xMovies

UP TO HIS NECK (1954):

DON'T PANIC CHAPS - George Cole, Harry Fowler [1959]

DON'T PANIC CHAPS: Four British soldiers told to set up an observation post on a seemingly deserted island in the…

Davy - Harry Secombe (2xMovies)

A postman's efficiency throws the…

COMMUTER HUSBANDS - Gabrielle Drake, Derek Ford (1974)

COMMUTER HUSBANDS: Man, when off the leash reverts to his natural role as the Hunter, a predator with an appetite not…

BEDTIME WITH ROSIE - Una Stubbs Diana Dors Nicky Henson [2DVD] 1

ROSIE - aka Bedtime With Rosie [1975]: Rosie (UNA STUBBS) is a pretty, confused and pregnant young woman. She is planning…

ALL THE WAY UP - Warren Mitchell, Pat Heywood (1970)

ALL THE WAY UP: Fred Midway may be a bit short on brains but he's got plenty of ambition. However,…

All Neat in Black Stockings - Victor Henry, Susan George (1969)

ALL NEAT IN BLACK STOCKINGS: Ginger a twenty-year-old window cleaner, who divides his time between picking up the shamy and…

A Piece Of Cake - Jon Pertwee (1948) 2xMovies

New Page 1 2xMovies A PIECE OF CAKE (1948): …

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